As unrealistic as it sounds, the title is probably not to be taken literally but metaphorically. It is all about being flexible with your startup or your small business. Flexibility refers to the length you are willing to go, the bending you need to do for your company and making slight adjustments to suit your business output. Starting a business is no man’s cup of tea. You need to have patience, try different marketing strategies, do surveys and finally decide on the approach that will work best for you. Understand what your business stands for and fulfil your mission and vision for the company. Sometimes we need a big budget to start off, but that is not always true. It is all about smart and economic decisions you take and strategies along with the techniques that you apply. Accept that you cannot do everything.

Just because there are 100 different marketing strategies does not mean that you can relate to all of them. Thus, use money and time wisely. Do not be afraid to experiment. Get out of your comfort zone and try innovative things. See what suits your business the best. If one strategy is not working out, just let it go. However, when it is being said and done, make sure that in the end, you strike a balance between your experiments and your actual outcome. Lastly, go with the flow and be opportunistic by taking chances and above all, take a leap of faith. You never know when you will reach your milestone.